Friday, October 16, 2015

Ironman Journey: You Will Not Outwork Me.

Last night I stumbled on this motivational video:
Check it out...

It's Eric Thomas... he's going in.  Passionately orating while images of buff athletes doing pushups with chains on their shoulders and sweaty guys crawling out of bed at 3 am to put on running shoes flash across the screen.  He's talking about wanting it more than you want sleep.  He's talking about putting in the extra work.  Further than what the coach says to do.  Further than what your boss says to do.

He says, I dare you to give it everything this year.  He says I dare you to give one year out of your life when you're dialed in; sacrificial.  One year out of your life when you show up.   Walk off EXHAUSTED.  And I wondered what that'd look like.  What would it look like if I just operated at this other level, this determined level, this consistent level, this committed level?  This Rob Giles kind of level?  This Tanji Johnson kind of level?

Eric Thomas talks about the difference between Oprah and the guy who's broke is how she spends her 24 hours.  In this past week I passed my Leadership Supervisor's Test for my job, the culminating end of what has been a year-long process to qualify to apply to be a supervisor in my organization.  I wrote a 7 page paper for Air Command Staff College in betwixt choir rehearsals multiple times a week for this coming weekend, next month and Christmas-- learning my song for a solo that I'll sing in front of thousands next month (pray for me).  And when I wasn't writing and singing over the weekend, I was at a soccer field with 100 kids taking photos for an event that was created to inspire them to stay out of gangs.  I learned out there on the field how to take pictures of people and things in motion...thank God for google, I learned right there! And then in the middle of the night, after work, and then after training... I was on my couch--editing and uploading 500 photos for that event and organization so that those 100 kids wouldn't have to wait to see their pictures.  This week I was chosen to be a chaplain for my church.  I was assigned 2 new cases and I agreed to accomplish a 3 month military tour to support the Air Force.  And tomorrow in 4 hours I'm getting up at 3 am to volunteer at Ironman Maryland at the finish line until 10:00 pm, to drive two hours home to get up 4 hours later to sing in 3 church services.  It'll be one of those weekends when I'll go back to work on Monday for rest.  ;) And as I write this I was called to respond to a crime scene..

I was talking to my mom and dad last night and my dad said, "so when do you say no?"  That question laced with wisdom and all-knowing made me hesitate and then also made me throw caution to the wind...

My mind said:

But I'm not called to say no.  I'm called to serve and be better and be greater and glorify and inspire... and if I can change, YOU can change.  Not just your body, but your discipline, your work ethic, your spiritual walk, your professionalism at work, your reputation, your finances, your mind. 

I spent last week watching BTA updates of Ironman Louisville and watched the people cross the finish line.  Jump up and down, fall down, cry, overcome by emotion... because its not just the race(!).  It's the culminating end to the process that it took to get to that finish line.

The finish line for my Ironman journey is September 25, 2016.  What if I dedicated an entire year to greatness in and off the field? Truth be told, it's been a minute since I've done that.  What if I ate right?  Slept more?  Trained everyday?  Showed up early, stayed late?  Walked in my purpose?  What if I stopped being hurt and just encouraged instead?  What if instead of not trusting, I believed?  What if I dressed at the level of my next job?  What if I pushed myself intellectually?  What if I pushed myself to another level physically? 

Eric Thomas says, "Everyone wants to be a beast until it's time to do what beasts do."

Kevin Hart says", "Everyone wanna be famous, don't nobody wanna do the work."

But do I have the heart??

We're gonna see..  I sign up for Ironman Chattanooga tomorrow. 

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